Leo Kee Ann

中文姓名: 梁旂銨


Instructor Leo Kee Ann is a qualified full-time Wushu instructor, certified by National Wushu Federation of Singapore and a qualified People’s Association (PA) coach.

Instructor Leo has also obtained certification for the National Coaching Accreditation Programme (NCAP), NROC coach of Singapore Sports Council (SSC), as well as certification in First Aid by St. John Ambulance Association.

A master in traditional Wushu, Instructor Leo Kee Ann has been coaching wushu sports for the past thirty over years of his life, grooming numerous elites in Wushu arena, many of which become Singapore Wushu representatives and qualified coaches.

He is also one of the core founders of a well-established and renowned wushu association, De Wu Pugilistic Association, with more than 20 years of history and has over 3000 wushu students nation wide.

Instructor Leo’s strong foundation in his traditional wushu has been built up over more than forty years of continuous learning, not to mention the different international wushu and tai chi competition routines.

In his many years of wushu sports coaching, Instructor Leo was also often involved in the judging panel works for numerous wushu competitions held in many overseas countries.

He is indeed a great wushu sports master that many of our coaches and students look up to, for he not only imparts wushu learning skills but also morality, discipline and cultural teachings which can never be learnt in books.

Currently, Master Leo teaches in many schools, from primary, secondary to tertiary levels. In addition, he is also involved in Tai Chi and Wushu coaching at community clubs in different residential zones of Singapore.

Coaching Qualifications Issued By
Certificate for Coaches (National) Singapore Wushu Dragon & Lion Dance Federation
Certificate for Coaches (National) Singapore Martial Arts Instructors’ Association
Instructor's Certificate National Registration Department (Martial Arts Control Unit)
PA Trainer People's Association
NCAP Theory Singapore Sports Council
NCAP Technical Singapore Sports Council
First Aid (Adult) St. John Ambulance Association
National Registry of Coaches (NROC) Singapore Sports Council
5th Dan Black Belt Shaolin Wushu (Korean) Association
World Organization of Wushu & Kungfu Masters
(America): Level 6 Degree
World Organzation of Wushu & Kungfu Masters (America)
De Wu Pugilistic Association Black Belt De Wu Pugilistic Association