14 September 2019,

Chinatown Point, Indoor Atrium
10.00am - 8.00pm

Wushu Stars Contest

An exciting contest targeted at younger athletes aged 12
and below to display their skills and talents.
Wushu Stars Contest 2019 is set to be Singapore’s first and
only Wushu competition in a shopping mall.

Since 2016, Martial House, along with Perennial and
Chinatown Point, has jointly organised the annual
“Wushu Stars Contest” which received great
responses and positive feedback from participants
and members of the public.

This year, with a bigger response and a bigger scale
of the event, future Wushu stars from all around
Singapore will be gathered at this very event.
A pristine and exhilarating contest one should not miss.


Contest Routines

A. Quanshu

1. Wu Bu Quan (五步拳)
2. Gong Li Quan (功力拳)
3. Lian Bu Quan (练步拳)
4. 3-Duan Changquan (三段长拳)
5. 3-Duan Nanquan (三段南拳)
6. 24-Style Taijiquan (二十四式太极拳)
7. 5-Duan Changquan (五段长拳)
8. 5-Duan Nanquan (五段南拳)

B. Short Weapon

9. Shaolin Dan Dao (少林单刀)
10. 4-Duan Broadsword (四段刀)
11. 4-Duan Sword (四段剑)
12. 32-Style Taijijian (三十二式太极剑)
13. 5-Duan Broadsword (五段刀)

14. 5-Duan Sword (五段剑)

C. Long Weapon

15. 4-Duan Cudgel (四段棍)
16. 4-Duan Spear (四段枪)
17. 5-Duan Cudgel (五段棍)

18. 5-Duan Spear (五段枪)

D. Group Event

19. Group Event (集体) with Music

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> 20,000 Social Media Outreach
> 1,500 Live Audience Outreach
> 250 Participants
> 30 Youth Volunteers
4th Season

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